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Seven Seasons, a collection of poems by Detelina Stoykova-Asenov will take you places you have been before, but now find transformed by her keen eye and spontaneous reaction to all she encounters.

A psychoanalyst, writer, and educator, the author will gently pull you into her enchanted realm of the poetic, where her mind wanders freely between nature and human experience, to reveal a world anew, as if washed by the morning ocean at the shore, where she writes most of her poems. Stoykova-Asenov states that the Seven Seasons’ poems “incorporate” her experience in a world old and new, and we, the readers, are lucky to follow her poetic journey.

About The Authors

Inna Rozentsvit


Inna Rozentsvit, M.D., PhD, MBA, MSciEd is a neurologist and neurorehabilitation specialist, trained in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, with extensive experience in brain trauma, autoimmune neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions.
She is a founder of the Neurorecovery Solutions, Inc., a non-profit organization which helps neurologically impaired and their caregivers in their often heart-breaking journey to well-being. (

Dr. Rozentsvit is also an educator who works with children and adults with learning and emotional disabilities, while applying knowledge from the fields of neurology, basic sciences, mental health, and pedagogy to solving puzzles of miscommunications and every-day interactions of these children and adults with their parents and significant others. That is why she co-founded ParentsFirst! and Parents First Educational Network, based on the fundamental paradigm shift: "from parenting to parenthood," so every parent feels nurtured, loved and supported, and shares these gifts with their children, families and communities, creating a legacy of unconditional love for all! (

Dr. Rozentsvit is passionate about people and supporting the possibilities that all people are. This passion fueled her publishing endeavors, which realized into founding the ORI Academic Press (, the MindMend Publishing Co., and the MindConsiliums (a trans-disciplinary journal with main focus on cross-pollination of knowledge and experience from various mental health, medicine, and science fields,

Dr. Rozentsvit is the scientific faculty member, programs director, and administrator of the Object Relations Institute for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (ORI, in NYC. Her initiative “Support Mental Health Education” on ORI’s Facebook was well-received by many mental health professionals, students, and even patients. Her course on Neurobiology for Psychoanalysts and Psychotherapists and the Parent-Child Development Program at the ORI include important for all mental health professionals topics: Neurobiology of Self; Neurochemistry of Emotions; Attachment Theory/ Love before First Sight; Neurological Disorders (Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and multiple sclerosis) through the Eyes of a Psychotherapist; Neurobiology of Psychosomatic Illness; Neuroscience of Anger and Violence; and others. Many of these topics are included in her forthcoming book, Neurobiology is Destiny: A Guide to Brain-Mind-Soul-Body Matters, which was designed for non-scientists and mental health professionals (will be published in 2022).

Dr. Rozentsvit’s other projects and interests include: MindMendMedia (the publishing preparation company,, PsychArtCreativity Study Group (, ArtEcoWellness™ initiative (, SELP Life Changers and Celebrating Neurodiversity 365™ projects ( and, and PayItForward™ Auctions for non-profits (, just to name a few.

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Rozentsvit, I. (2022). Book Review: “Seven Seasons: Collected Poems” by Detelina Stoykova-Asenov (MindMend Publishing, 2019). MindConsiliums, 22(7), 1-6.

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