Howard F. Stein

Howard F. Stein is professor emeritus in the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, OK, USA, where he taught from 1978-2012. He is a poet, an applied anthropologist, a psychoanalytic anthropologist, medical anthropologist, an organizational anthropologist, and psychohistorian. When he moved to Oklahoma in 1978 to take a teaching position, he fell in love with rural wheat farming culture and rural medicine, both of which find expression in his clinical and scholarly books as well his poetry. In 2021 he was nominated for Oklahoma Poet Laureate and is currently Poet Laureate of the High Plains Society for Applied Anthropology and Psychohistorical Poet Laureate.

He also greatly enjoys “facilitating” organizational groups as part of his consulting activities. Between 2012-2017, he served as group process facilitator with the American Indian Diabetes Prevention Center in Oklahoma City.

Some of his books include The Dysfunctional Workplace and The Psychodynamics of Toxic Organizations: Applied Poems, Stories, and Analysis (both co-authored with Seth Allcorn) Listening Deeply, Light and Shadow, and Centre and Circumference.

Although officially “retired,” Howard F. Stein continues to write essays, chapters, books, and poetry. Trained originally in historical musicology, Stein spends a lot of time listening to classical music. He can be reached at