Ângela Lacerda Nobre

Ângela Lacerda Nobre, born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1960, has a diversified academic background which includes nursing, economics, philosophy, semiotics, and psychoanalysis.

Ângela Lacerda Nobre teaches at the Escola Superior de Ciências Empresariais do Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal, a business school in Portugal, since 1998. Her PhD (2010) is in Organisational Learning, and the title of her dissertation was: “Semiotic Learning: A Conceptual Framework for Facilitating Learning in Knowledge-intensive Organisations.”

Ângela Lacerda Nobre has published multiple academic articles and book chapters; and has posted educational videos and personal narratives and interviews on Youtube, at Agere Research 2012 ALNobre.

Contact the author at lacerda.nobre@gmail.com or angela.nobre@esce.ips.pt