MindConsiliums, 15(8), 1-9

Ciacci, A. (2015). The tombs of the ego: Transgenerational trauma and failures of introjection. MindConsiliums, 15(8), 1-9.

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A previous version of this work was published in Le Coq-Héron, 2015/2 (n. 221), Toulouse, France: Éditions Érès, 95 – 103. Permission to publish in English was obtained by the author. No conflict of interest was declaired.

This paper was presented at the International Ferenczi Conference, Heritage of the Mind, in Toronto, Canada, May 2015.


The author approaches the theme of transgenerational transmission of psychic trauma and sequella of parental suffering for subsequent generations, individuating in the concept of introjection as the keystone of comprehension of the development and the transmission of psychic life. Through a few clinical examples, he shows how this process and its failures can present themselves, and how these can be individuated in the analytical treatment.

Keywords: introjection, incorporation, unconscious identification, transgenerational transmission, traumatic reproduction, dis-identification.

About The Author

Andrea Ciacci

Andrea Ciacci, a psychologist and psychotherapist, privately practices psychotherapy between Florence and Siena. He completed his training at the ‘H.S. Sullivan’ Institute of Psychoanalysis, Florence, Italy, where he teaches Clinical Epistemology and Psychoanalysis of Institutions.

Andrea Ciacci is on the board of directors of the Italian Society of Interpersonal Psychoanalysis (SIPI). He also functions as honorary judge at the Juvenile Court of Florence.

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