MindConsiliums, 13(9), 20-37

Lilienthal, R. (2013). The Mother, the Mountain, and the Mature Self: Three Tests of Environmental and Engineering Ethics. MindCosiliums, 13(9), 20-37.

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This essay is still very much a work in progress. It is exploratory and tentative, intended more to elicit discussion and reflection than to seek ready agreement. Three tests, the Mother; the Mountain, and the Mature Self Tests are proposed in order to help the stakeholder analysis in the field of environmental and engineering ethics. The Mother Test is predominately applicable to human-centered or anthropocentric concerns, the human risk analysis. The Mountain Test is intended to be mainly biocentric, or ecological. Its main purpose is to evaluate issues of environmental concern and/or preservation. Both of these positions need to be considered in determining our stance towards the host of complex social, economic and environmental dilemmas which presently face us as individuals and as an increasingly global human community. The Mature Self Test is needed because it provides the prerequisite for the other two, as well as their culmination.

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Robinson Lilienthal, PhD

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Robinson Lilienthal, PhD, is a professor of philosophy, religious studies, theoretical and applied ethics, including environmental, biomedical, engineering, and business ethics, Nietzsche scholar, and environmental public policy consultant.

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environmental ethics, engineering ethics, teaching ethics, biocentric ethics, environmental preservation, human risk analysis, environment in global community.